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[China-Food]Falling for seafood hook, line and sinker[Page:1]

Fishsteria has hooked the piscatorial taste buds of seafood lovers. [Photo provided to China Daily]
Fishsteria casts its net wider with a new waterside restaurant in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
In a harbor city such as Hong Kong, where fish is the staple diet of so many, it's hard to catch and sustain the attention and appetites of diners. But such has been the case with the restaurant, oyster and cocktail bar Fishsteria, run by chefowner Gianni Caprioli. Having hooked the piscatorial taste buds of seafood lovers amid the hustle and bustle of Queen's Road East in Wan Chai since its opening in 2015, it has now spawned a more laid-back sister restaurant, Fishsteria Waterside, in Kennedy Town. The new space, while still buzzy, overlooks the harbor and offers more easy-going dining, with floor-to-ceiling windows and bespoke light fittings crafted from the skeleton of a classic Italian rowboat.
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Falling for seafood hook, line and sinke
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