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The Bund.[Photo/Xinhua]
The organizing committee of the China International Import Expo has organized 45 city tour routes to help participating merchants gain a better understanding of the city and its industrial strengths. Below are 16 of the routes, with each located within a different district. These routes will showcase the architecture, history, culture, economy, technology and ecological protection efforts within each area.
Waigaoqiao "6+365" Exhibition Trading Platform
The "6+365" One-Stop Trading Services Platform aims to promote the operations of the CIIE. Professional services are available at this venue all year round. Among the buildings that can be toured is the International Automobile Exhibition Trading Center.
The Bund
Apart from its classic architecture and waterfront views, the Bund, one of the most well-known attractions in Shanghai, is home to many major financial organizations.
Nanjing Road Tour
Visitors will get to tour this famous commercial street that features high-end shopping options and cultural offerings.
West Bund Area
The area is home to major enterprises' artificial intelligence deployments such as Microsoft, Tencent, Xiaomi and NetEase.
Experience Shanghai Culture
Visitors will walk along Yuyuan Road, an old street in Changning district that is said to be the most representative of Shanghainese style.
Fintech Tour
Here, visitors can explore cloud computing, artificial intelligence and block chain through visits to the Shanghai Science and Technology Financial Cluster Area.
Shanghai Culture Trail
This tour allows guests to experience Shanghai culture through visits to many former residences of celebrities.
Innovation Valley
Visitors will get to see the Chang Yang Campus which is well-known for its innovative efforts as well as similar companies and unicorn enterprises.
Baoshan Riverside & Ecology
Tour locations include the Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal and the Wusong Paotaiwan Wetland Forest Park.
Minhang Culture
This tour has a focus on cultural and creative industries where people can learn about traditional handicraft.
Intelligent Connected Vehicle Tour
Visitors will get to see the Shanghai International Automobile City in the district.
A place for paintings
Fengjing old town is well-known for its farmer paintings.
Ecological Songjiang
Visitors can admire the scenes of nature at the Sheshan Natural Forest Park.
(China Daily 11/10/2018 page15)
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